We offer laboratory analyses...

We offer our industrial customers specific laboratory analyses to uncover essential knowledge about the bakery ingredients you use. Our team of experts uses specialized tools to support you in gaining a much greater understanding of all the components of your bakery products. We empower you to acquire an understanding of the functional characteristics of your recipes.

Specialities in internal and external network

We draw on the knowledge of both our own researchers and our global network of scientists and specialist start-ups. This connects our industrial customers with the latest innovations and developments in areas including enzyme technology, fermented products and gluten-free alternatives – to name just a few. Additionally, our laboratories and expert ‘sensory panel’ allow us to finetune recipes to produce exactly what customers expect in terms of texture, flavour and shelf life.  

Decades of experience will ensure the quality and uniformity of your bakery goods. Become our partner to increase the success of your baking business.

Our in-house Sensory Panel.

Behind the scenes at Zeelandia, a silent but powerful force propels our journey toward excellence – our in-house sensory panel. Keep reading to learn more about how Zeelandia's sensory panel can benefit your business!

Better-for-you bread market insights

As consumers take an increasingly proactive approach to wellness and focus on prevention over cure, there is a growing interest in better-for-you products with a positive impact on health. Bakery brands promoting the use of ingredients that are guilt-free yet indulging reduce price sensitivity amongst consumers.

Market insights for sourdough products

Consumers are seeking out fermented and sourdough bakery products more and more for their perceived digestive and immune system benefits. This subsection of the market is expected to grow by at least 6%. We are meeting this demand by developing our sourdough technology for the industrial market.

Impact of CSR on consumption of baked goods

As the world becomes even more aware of our environmental impact, companies increasingly feel the need to take responsibility for their actions. This is especially true for the baking industry where consumers are interested in the origin and production of their food. Believe it or not, 72% of consumers want companies to do more to reduce their environmental footprint.

Release agents magic circle.

Every baker wants to have perfectly released products, it not only sells better, but it also prevents you from food waste. For obtaining the best result, you need to find a balance between all the elements.