Zeelandia release agents provide benefits for bread and pastry plants by improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing waste. They prevent baked goods from sticking to equipment, resulting in a more uniform product with an attractive appearance and consistent texture. Everything you need to make you and your customers happy!

Vik & Karolina introducing lubricants and release agents.

For releasing breads & pastries.

Zeelandia introduced release agents CARLEX® en CARLO® to help you depan your baked goods in a perfect shape and with a nice golden brown crust. This will not only help you to create attractive products, but also increase your profits. How? With the use of our release agents you will reduce buildup in your moulds and bakery wares.

At Zeelandia we offer a range of different release agents, as it is important to adapt the composition of the release agent to the specific bread or pastry recipe. The bakeware, uncoated or coated, tin or tray, also plays a role in selecting the release agent.

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Lubricants & Release agents for bread
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Release agents for pastry

Extending lifespan of bakery equipment.

As a baker, your know, that taking care of your machinery is crucial to keep your production running smoothly and cost-effectively. That is why we offer release agents and lubricants that not only reduce downtime but also extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Our CARLEX® and CARLO® release agents, as well as our OVAM lubricants, are formulated to help you save money in the long run. Our products are made of vegetable oils and safe to use as processing aid. We understand the importance of maintaining your baking equipment, that is why we provide technical expertise to help you choose the best solution in release agents and lubricants for your bakery plant. 


Our lubricant & release agent solutions.

CARLEX® Release agents.

CARLEX® depanning oils are specifically formulated to provide a thin, uniform coating that prevents baked goods from sticking to baking surfaces. CARLEX® can be used in many baking applications, such as bread, pastry, and cake production.

CARLO® Release agents.

CARLO® is a perfect solution to improve your bakery plant's production efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize waste. It offers a wide range of benefits, including improved product quality and reduced environmental impact. 

OVAM. Dividing and slicing oils.

OVAM is a lubricant specifically designed for use in dough dividing and slicing machines. It is made of vegetable oils, making it safe for use in food production environments.



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