Are you constantly exploring methods to elevate the taste and mouthfeel of your bread offerings? At Zeelandia, we offer a broad range of sourdough textures that are designed to improve the freshness, texture, mouthfeel, and perceived health benefits of bread. Our sourdough textures are infused with innovative grain and seed combinations, providing an authentic and natural ingredient list with a cleaner label. 

Our unique production process takes up to 14 hours, softening and infusing all textured components in sourdough at controlled temperatures to make the bread delicious and soft, delivering the highest value to bakers and consumers. 

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The benefits of our sourdough textures 

  1. Our sourdough textures are customisable for developing unique and exciting bread products..

  2. We help you create innovative grain and seed combinations for unique flavours and textures.

  3. Our sourdough textures are ready-to-use for convenience and efficiency in your baking process.

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How do our sourdough textures benefit your recipes.

Our expertise in sourdough textures sets us apart from others; we are among the select few bakery ingredient companies that provide exceptional solutions in this area. Our laboratories and expert 'sensory panel' enable us to fine-tune recipes to produce the exact results in terms of texture, flavour, and shelf life that consumers expect. You'll find customizable sourdough textures for unique and exciting bread products, allowing you to tailor the richness of the bread to your needs. Our all-natural ingredient lists ensure a cleaner label, while innovative grain and seed combinations are used for unique flavours and textures. With our sourdough textures, there is no need for modifications to your basic recipe.

How to optimise your processes with our sourdough textures.

We draw on the knowledge of our own researchers and a global network of scientists and specialist start-ups to develop recipes that are tailored to your production environment and infrastructure. Our safe production processes respect traditional methods for authenticity, ensuring the highest quality. Additionally, we offer ready-to-use options for convenience and efficiency, eliminating unnecessary steps in your production process. Our flexibility in customization allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing a seamless integration of our products into your production line.

How compliance is integral part of our solutions.

We take food safety and quality very seriously and we comply with existing EU and country specific legislation. Our production plants are GFSI certified.  Our sourdough texture is also suitable for various claims that you, as an industrial bakery, may want to make on your packaging, such as "Long-lasting freshness," "Wholegrain/Wholemeal/Multicereal bread," "Bread with whole grains and seeds," "Vegetable bread/Vegan," "High in protein," "Source of fibre," "Rich in fibre," and "Source of Omega-3 acids," depending on the ingredients and recipe.

Our expertise on bread.

Organic products

For a product to be called "organic", its production must comply with legal rules (legislation and supervision). Compliance with these rules is monitored by competent national authorities. 

Better-for-you bread market insights

As consumers take an increasingly proactive approach to wellness and focus on prevention over cure, there is a growing interest in better-for-you products with a positive impact on health. Bakery brands promoting the use of ingredients that are guilt-free yet indulging reduce price sensitivity amongst consumers.

Market insights for sourdough products

Consumers are seeking out fermented and sourdough bakery products more and more for their perceived digestive and immune system benefits. This subsection of the market is expected to grow by at least 6%. We are meeting this demand by developing our sourdough technology for the industrial market.

Related bread products.

Bread improvers

With our expertise we know what you need to bake the best breads. We tailor a blend of bread improvers based on the flour and ingredients you use, the specification of your recipe, your baking process and of course your customer needs,

Bread roll solutions.

Whether you produce bread rolls for freezing, baking or fresh consumption on an industrial scale, Zeelandia offers everything you need to bring innovation to your products.


At Zeelandia, we offer a broad range of sourdoughs that are designed to help improve the quality and consistency of your bread products. In addition, our sourdough may help you to reduce recipe costs, production complexity, and production time. 



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