If you are having trouble with your baked goods sticking to baking surfaces or molds, causing ingredient waste and stoppage of your production line, consider using CARLEX. It is a vegetable-based depanning oil specifically designed for the food industry. CARLEX applies an even coating to your baking surface, effectively preventing sticking and ensuring that your products maintain their shape and appearance. CARLEX is ideal for releasing sweet bread, bread on tray, pastry as well as candy. 

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The benefits of CARLEX.

  1. A vegetable-based release agent specifically formulated to generate a thin, uniform coating that prevents baked goods from sticking to baking surfaces, improving production efficiency and reducing product waste.

  2. A range of products to release a variety of baking applications, because the higher the amount of sugar in the recipe, the more difficult it is to release your product. With our Carlex range, we can meet all your needs.

  3. A release agent enabling baked goods or confectionery items to maintain their shape and appearance during processing.

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How does CARLEX benefit your end product.

As a baker, you understand the importance of having perfectly released products that stand out compared to the competition. The moulds you use during the baking process are designed to create bread and pastries with a particular shape for your end consumer, and you do not want to lose any bits or parts during the process. CARLEX is specifically designed to help you achieve perfectly released products, whether it's a high-sugar pastry baked in a coated mould or bread baked on (coated) tray. Our different CARLEX compositions can fit your specific needs based on the recipe and sugar level, ensuring that your end product meets your high standards.


How to optimise your processes with CARLEX.

With CARLEX, you can maximise your production while reducing losses caused by damaged products due to a bad release. Perfectly released products not only make the end consumer happy, but also keep your equipment neat and clear. CARLEX can be used in spraying equipment and is delivered in barrels or IBCs. It can also be combined with different spraying equipment, although we recommend using the Bazz spraying equipment for optimal results. By using CARLEX, you can streamline your processes and increase your efficiency, saving you time and money.

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