As a global player already serving customers in over 100 countries worldwide, Zeelandia is perfectly positioned to monitor global bakery trends, challenges and opportunities. And we’re keen to put our extensive expertise to excellent use: we’re working with industrial bakeries to create total and tailor-made solutions that enable growth in local markets.

Originally founded in the year 1900 in the Netherlands, Zeelandia has since grown to become a total solution provider for industrial bakeries of all sizes and speciaties – drawing on our understanding of the complete baking process, we help our industrial customers to succeed. From ingredients and mixes to equipment and technical support, we offer absolutely everything needed to produce the highest-quality baked goods that meet the expectations of today's consumers. We are a highly committed partner for industrial bakeries and are by your side throughout the entire bakery goods process – developing, producing and selling  – to ensure you not only meet but exceed the demand of today’s end consumers.

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Exploring has been in Zeelandia’s DNA for over a century. We never stop wondering. At the heart of our success lies our focus on invention. We are constantly researching and developing new products and processes to stay ahead of the curve and to help our industrial customers remain competitive. Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities are staffed by a team of true experts who always keep your needs at the forefront of everything they do. Together with you, we take on the challenge of creating tomorrow’s bakery success.

But our inventiveness is only part of the story. At Zeelandia, we also know the importance of building trusted partnerships. That is why we have teams of technical experts and sales professionals dedicated to helping industrial customers to realise their ambitions. Whether you need assistance with product development, optimizing and upgrading existing recipes, improving the efficiency of your operations or searching for more sustainable success, we are here to support you on your bakery’s journey.


We care about the well-being of every life we touch and strive to take responsibility with regard to our employees, customers and communities. We are proud of what we can achieve when we work together. We never stop exploring or thinking differently and, most importantly, striving for excellence. It is our core mentality, the driving force behind everything we do.

If you are seeking a total solution provider for your industrial bakery, Zeelandia is ready and excited to support you. With over a century of hands-on experience, a long-standing commitment to innovation and a dedication to the highest levels of customer service, we offer everything you need to succeed in today's competitive baking industry.

We are Zeelandia. Keep Exploring.

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Release agents

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