For every industrial bakery, fruit fillings and jams constitute an essential ingredient for pastry and viennoiserie products. Zeelandia offers a complete range of high-quality fruit fillings and jams to meet all your bakery needs. Our products are tailored to match current market trends regarding health and indulgence and follow a mix-and-match concept so that fillings can be combined to create unique tasting experiences.

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The benefits of our fruit fillings and jams

  1. Impress your consumers with flavours, colours and the fruit integrity. It will put a whole new dimension to their tasting experience.

  2. Achieve perfect texture every time, with controlled water activity and viscosity.

  3. Minimise waste and maximise efficiency with long shelf life and freeze-thaw stability.

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How do our fruit fillings and jams benefit your recipes.

We are committed to creating both healthier alternatives and indulgences for you, and we work with natural ingredients inspired by the demands of today's consumers without compromising on taste or quality. Our fruit fillings and jams ensure mouth-watering taste and authentic colours that are sure to impress your customers, with fruit integrity that adds a whole new dimension to the tasting experience. Moreover, our products provide controlled water activity and viscosity, allowing you to achieve the perfect texture every time, further enhancing the appeal of your creations.


How to optimise your processes with our fruit fillings and jams.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that industrial bakeries face today, including the need for convenience and consistency. Our tailor-made solutions adapt perfectly to your specific needs, offering ready-to-use and bake-stable qualities that enhance your processes. Whether you require packaging in buckets, cans, piping bags, or containers, we have you covered. Additionally, our solutions provide long shelf life and freeze-thaw stability, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Our experienced Fruit R&D teams are always on hand to react to product or technology challenges and to offer their local market expertise, ensuring that your unique requirements are met with precision.  


How compliance is integral part of our solutions.

We take food safety and quality very seriously, which is why our production plants are certified to the highest standards. Our products comply with all relevant European legislation as well as local legislation where our subsidiaries are based. All our production sites are GFSI certified so you know that you can trust the quality and safety of our products. In addition, we can produce organic products and specific sites are FDA certified. Our fruit fillings and jams are also suitable for various claims that you, as an industrial bakery, may want to make on your packaging, such as vegan, sugar-reduced and cleaner label. 

Our expertise on pastry.

The difference between a fruit filling and a jam.

Whereas fruit jams (for industrial baking purposes) are smooth, fillings can have wide range of textures, from a creamy puree to fillings with high fruit integrity.

Your expert partner in fruit.

Zeelandia has decades’ worth of experience in producing high-quality fruit fillings and jams, with a strong R&D team and manufacturing expertise in three different production facilities throughout Europe. 

Tailor-made fruit fillings and jams in 5 steps.

To ensure a high, consistent quality, a filling or jam needs to be a perfect fit at every stage of production: from its processability on an existing production line to its stability and interaction with other ingredients, dough or decoration.

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