At Zeelandia, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions for the food processing and baking industry. That is why we developed in 1935 our first release agent CARLO. Using CARLO as release agents you will be able to produce high quality bread in tins and reduce environmental impact.

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The benefits of CARLO.


  1. It has good hanging properties and therefore it is economical in use. 

  2. It is visible when sprayed, so there is no risk of overdosage. 

  3. With CARLO your products will be released with a perfect golden crust on the side and sell better to the end consumer.


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How does CARLO benefit your end product.

Helping bakers has always veen the mission of Zeelandia. In 1935, CARLO, our first release agent was introduced and it proved its efficiency over the years. With our deep understainding of the bakery ingredients and bakery processes, we have continuously been improving our CARLO products. CARLO is an emulsion, a mixture of oil and water, that can be used to release bread from tins and lighter pastries. During baking, the water in the emulsions evaporates, supporting the formation of a nice golden brown crust that consumers will love.


How to optimise your processes with CARLO.

There are several application methods for integrating the CARLO release agent into your bakery plant. One such method involves the use of spray systems from bazz, which can be applied both before and after use to ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly coated and prevent any adhesion of baked goods. In addition, the use of CARLO release agents can significantly reduce downtime associated with equipment cleaning, leading to improved production efficiency, output, and cost savings.

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Organic products

For a product to be called "organic", its production must comply with legal rules (legislation and supervision). Compliance with these rules is monitored by competent national authorities. 

Better-for-you bread market insights

As consumers take an increasingly proactive approach to wellness and focus on prevention over cure, there is a growing interest in better-for-you products with a positive impact on health. Bakery brands promoting the use of ingredients that are guilt-free yet indulging reduce price sensitivity amongst consumers.

Market insights for sourdough products

Consumers are seeking out fermented and sourdough bakery products more and more for their perceived digestive and immune system benefits. This subsection of the market is expected to grow by at least 6%. We are meeting this demand by developing our sourdough technology for the industrial market.



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