Throughout Europe, custards are traditionally consumed as a tasty filling in various viennoiseries and patisseries. The flavour of custards is still very traditional, usually made with boiled fresh milk, cream, and egg yolks. Zeelandia presents a portfolio that consists of a wide range of easy-to-prepare powdered mixes to match industrial bakers’ needs. 

mille-feuille custard slice

Our custard fillings are the perfect filling for your application because: 

  1. We know the importance of the sensory profile, so we adapt the taste and appearance to match your market's preferences in a standard quality, and the texture to be creamy, spreadable, or sliceable as required. 

  2. We can tailor the viscosity to fit your specific production needs, equipment, and application. Whatever firmness, shape/contour stability, or flow properties you require, we can accommodate your needs. 

  3. Our custard powders are suitable to be used in combination with other ingredients. 

  4. We guarantee outstanding freeze and bake stability during the process, as well as stability during the required shelf life. 

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How do our custard fillings benefit your recipes?

At Zeelandia, we have many years of experience and have perfected our custard powders to meet your exact requirements. We understand the important relationship between the dough and custard filling and adjust our recipes accordingly. Our custard powders are versatile and can be used in combination with other ingredients like butter or whipping cream. Our products not only have exceptional freeze and bake stability but also have the capability to maintain freshness throughout the required shelf life.  

We understand the different needs of our customers for various applications — that's why we offer tailor-made custards that meet your specific needs. Our highly customisable powders can have the functionality and taste you are looking for. Whether it is alternative flavouring (e.g. natural bourbon vanilla, cocoa flavour, custard base without flavour, or even distinguishing flavours like yoghurt), clean(er) label with reduced ingredients, less sugar, or colour variations. 


How can you optimise your processes with our custards?

The Zeelandia portfolio consists of easy-to-prepare powdered mixes. Depending on your applications and consumers’ needs, we can offer:  

  1. Instant custard powder — perfect for filling and decoration. 

  2. All-round instant custard powders  suitable for baking and freezing.

  3. Instant aerated custard powder — for smooth and light applications.

  4. Hot prepared custard powder — for the typical boiling taste.

  5. Instant custard powders for pies — with the right flowing properties. 

With our technical know-how about the interaction with dough, processing, applications, troubleshooting, and ingredients, we can help you introduce our custard powders into your production process in a cost-effective way. We have many different recipes to match your production process, equipment, and application. Our custards will easily reach your desired viscosity in the process and final application. Our instant powders are also easy to pipe and process, with suitable setting time, and packed in paper bags or big bags to match your production volume. 

We can adapt our custards to your required mixing, piping, dosing, and baking, and they are stable for cutting and freezing processes. Qualities that are required to suit or control the flexibility and tolerance in production. Whether you use traditional or continuous mixers, we understand the parameters in production to reach the required structure of the product and shelf life. 

Compliance is an integral part of our solutions.

At Zeelandia, we follow all applicable laws and are continuously working to improve our standards. Our facilities across Europe comply with European legislation and are FSSC 22000 certified. With our customisable recipes and our expertise in local legislation, we can also help you to produce custard applications that meet specific claims like vegan, less sugar, clean(er) label, or natural colour and flavour.

Our expertise on pastry.

Vegan and plant-based

For Europe’s industrial bakeries, understanding and embracing vegan trends is not just a matter of keeping up with evolving consumer desires, it represents an opportunity for growth and differentiation in a highly competitive market.

Sugar reduction

Pursuing excellence goes hand in hand with adapting to changing market dynamics. Consumer preferences towards more health-conscious lifestyles are driving innovation in sugar reduced products and technologies. 

Our in-house Sensory Panel.

Behind the scenes at Zeelandia, a silent but powerful force propels our journey toward excellence – our in-house sensory panel. Keep reading to learn more about how Zeelandia's sensory panel can benefit your business!

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