As Zeelandia, we understand the challenges an industrial bakery can meet to produce high-quality pastry at large scale. That is why we offer total solutions tailored to your needs. Zeelandia's pastry product portfolio includes base mixes, fillings, and coverings that are perfect for creating inspiring applications that meet consumers' desire for indulgence and healthier products. We also offer market insights and technical expertise to help bakers create innovative pastries that exceed consumer expectations.

With our worldwide presence, we can be your gateway to exploring new markets and help you create opportunities with new product concepts adapted to local trends and taste. We know the baking process from A to Z, so we can support you with optimising your production process without compromising on quality. Our team is dedicated to helping you adapt your production and products to a changing environment, where regulation is evolving and consumers demand for more sustainable products is growing. Discover more on our pastry solutions. 

Vik & Karolina introducing Zeelandia's pastry solutions.

Our expertise on pastry

Vegan and plant-based

For Europe’s industrial bakeries, understanding and embracing vegan trends is not just a matter of keeping up with evolving consumer desires, it represents an opportunity for growth and differentiation in a highly competitive market.

Seizing opportunities with sugar reduction.

Pursuing excellence goes hand in hand with adapting to changing market dynamics. Consumer preferences towards more health-conscious lifestyles are driving innovation in sugar reduced products and technologies. 

Our in-house Sensory Panel.

Behind the scenes at Zeelandia, a silent but powerful force propels our journey toward excellence – our in-house sensory panel. Keep reading to learn more about how Zeelandia's sensory panel can benefit your business!

A holistic approach to today’s consumer well-being

Alternative ingredients for healthier lifestyles

Explore the opportunities for industrial bakeries to appeal to modern lifestyle trends and attract new customers while maintaining efficiency and profitability.


Learn more on alternative ingredients

Pastry trends and insights

Trends in indulgence

Flavour and enjoyment are just two of the primary reasons why consumers regularly elect to purchase bakery goods. It is important to put flavour and sensory appeal at the forefront of positioning across all product categories when launching bakery products.

Growing spendings on health and wellness.

Consumers continue to prioritise their health and well-being with 61% of global consumers intending to increase their spending to support their health. 

Market trends in healthier alternatives

In the bakery sector, features like flavour and texture constitute crucial factors which drive repeat purchases. But as consumer interest in healthier ingredients, veganism, reduced sugar, and clean label products continuously grows, so does the desire for healthier alternatives.

Our pastry solutions:

Other Pastry mixes

Pastry mixes are at the heart of any industrial bakery seeking to create delicious pastries that meet market expectations.

Pound cake mixes

We offer a broad range of cake mixes that offer all types of butter cakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes, pound cakes, and fantasy cakes on-trend colours, flavours, and inclusions.

Custard fillings

Custards are traditionally consumed as a tasty filling in various viennoiserie and patisserie applications. The Zeelandia portfolio consists of a wide range of Easy-to-prepare powdered mixes, to match industrial baker’s needs.

Ready-to-use cream fillings

Our water-based fillings are perfect for enhancing your product range as they are low or without added fat, making them a healthier alternative to traditional fillings.

Fruit fillings and jams

Our products are tailored to match current market trends regarding health and indulgence and follow a mix-and-match concept so that fillings can be combined to create unique tasting experiences. 

released small cake

Release agents for pastry



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