Pursuing excellence goes hand in hand with adapting to changing market dynamics. Consumer preferences towards more health-conscious lifestyles are driving innovation in sugar reduced products and technologies. 

Welcome to our exploration of the sugar reduction journey—an opportunity for industrial bakeries to appeal to modern lifestyle trends and attract new customers while maintaining efficiency and profitability.

Stela Enache, Global Pastry Product Leader


We prioritize well-being without compromising taste. 

Join us in crafting indulgent, healthy delights that redefine pastry excellence.

Stela Enache, Global Pastry Product Leader  


Understanding the need for sugar reduction.

The importance of sugar reduction goes beyond a culinary trend. It’s about acknowledging the shift in the consumer mindset—a growing awareness of the impact of excessive sugar intake. 

As consumers become more aware and make different choices, forward-thinking industrial bakeries can be ready with exciting new reduced-sugar products. All while adhering to stringent regulations and guidelines in Europe underscore the urgency of sugar reduction to safeguard public health.

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The science behind sugar reduction.

Our R&D team collaborates with research institutions to develop a Sugar Alternative Framework. Read more on our analytical methods and how we're solving the technical challenges of maintaining flavour and texture with less sugar.

Explore more on sugar alternatives.

Consumer trends in healthier alternatives

Seizing market opportunities with sugar-reduced bakery offerings.

Catering to health-conscious consumers

A growing number of health-conscious consumers are seeking healthier alternatives across all facets of their diet, including bakery products. Embracing sugar-reduced offerings, positions your bakery as a key partner in the customer’s pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle.

Addressing health conditions

Sugar-reduced products resonate strongly with individuals managing health conditions related to excessive sugar intake. By offering options tailored to their needs, you demonstrate empathy and understanding.

Gaining a competitive edge

Differentiation is key in the bakery market. By pioneering sugar-reduced products, industrial bakeries position themselves as forward-looking enterprises committed to meeting evolving consumer demands.

Catalysing innovation

Sugar reduction opens the gateway to innovation. Developing new, healthier products allows industrial bakeries to capture new market segments and expand their consumer base.

Navigating regulatory terrain

Stricter regulations increasingly advocate for sugar reduction in food products. Aligning with these rules showcases your industrial bakery's commitment to both compliance and corporate responsibility.

More on healthier lifestyle

The science behind sugar alternatives.

Zeelandia’s R&D team, undertook the delicate task of reformulation to achieve a 30% reduction in sugar while ensuring product excellence. Zeelandia’s R&D team, undertook the delicate task of reformulation to achieve a 30% reduction in sugar while ensuring product excellence.

Market trends in healthier alternatives

In the bakery sector, features like flavour and texture constitute crucial factors which drive repeat purchases. But as consumer interest in healthier ingredients, veganism, reduced sugar, and clean label products continuously grows, so does the desire for healthier alternatives.

Alternative ingredients for pastry.A holistic approach to today’s consumer well-being

Explore the possibilities of alternative ingredients in pastry where well-being, a healthier lifestyle and sustainability meet indulgence.

Less sugar products

Other Pastry mixes

Pastry mixes are at the heart of any industrial bakery seeking to create delicious pastries that meet market expectations.

Pound cake mixes

We offer a broad range of cake mixes that offer all types of butter cakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes, pound cakes, and fantasy cakes on-trend colours, flavours, and inclusions.

Custard fillings

Custards are traditionally consumed as a tasty filling in various viennoiserie and patisserie applications. The Zeelandia portfolio consists of a wide range of Easy-to-prepare powdered mixes, to match industrial baker’s needs.


Regulatory compliance

Enhancing trust with our regulatory expertise.

Your path to a healthier, more profitable future

Zeelandia stands beside you with the technical expertise and industry connections to help you continue to achieve excellence as you embark on the sugar reduction journey. We’re here to craft tailored solutions that align with your industrial bakery's unique identity. The sugar reduction journey affects your bakery's core operations, from purchasing raw ingredients all the way through to product delivery.

With over a century of expertise, we continue to craft tailor-made success stories for every bakery – to help you embrace sugar reduction as a catalyst for growth, a brand-building opportunity, and a chance to delight your customers as a health and wellbeing solutions  partner. Reach out to our dedicated sales team to start your sugar reduction journey today. Let's craft a future where efficiency, health, and indulgence can co-exist. 



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