In today’s market, consumers are increasingly looking for products that benefits both their health and the environment. Remarkably, 78% of global consumers are willing to pay more for goods containing natural, organic or non-artificial ingredients showing a strong trend towards wellness and sustainable living. This shift is also seen in the rise of nutritional profiling systems like NutriScore, which help consumers choose healthier foods. For industrial bakeries, adapting to these consumer preferences—without sacrificing flavour or texture—is crucial. Tapping into this trend not only meets consumer expectations but also accesses a market where well-being and sustainability is increasingly important.

healthier alternative ingredients for pastry

Exploring new opportunities with alternative ingredients for well-being.

As an industrial bakery, you can significantly benefit from several emerging trends:

  • Clean Labels: Offering products free from artificial additives and preservatives, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

  • Sugar Reduction: Addressing the growing demand to lower sugar intake, with 65% of Europeans actively reducing their sugar consumption in baked goods.

  • Vegan Options: Capitalising on the 26% of consumers desiring more plant-based bakery products.

  • Gluten-Free Products: Catering to the increasing number of consumers following gluten-free diets, driven by health reasons and lifestyle choices.

These trends present a clear opportunity for bakeries to align their products with both health and environmental sustainability.

Addressing production challenges with alternative ingredients for pastry.

Choosing the right alternative ingredients comes with its challenges, including ensuring they meet health, environmental, and functional needs. Ingredients like sugar and gluten not only affect the flavour and texture of baked goods but also play essential roles in baking. Finding suitable substitutes that maintain these key characteristics is crucial. Bakeries also need to navigate strict European regulations around labelling and health claims, such as the ‘reduced sugar’ claim, which requires a sugar reduction of at least 30%.

Our expertise on alternatives for pastry.

Vegan and plant-based

For Europe’s industrial bakeries, understanding and embracing vegan trends is not just a matter of keeping up with evolving consumer desires, it represents an opportunity for growth and differentiation in a highly competitive market.

Seizing opportunities with sugar reduction.

Pursuing excellence goes hand in hand with adapting to changing market dynamics. Consumer preferences towards more health-conscious lifestyles are driving innovation in sugar reduced products and technologies. 

Market trends in healthier alternatives

In the bakery sector, features like flavour and texture constitute crucial factors which drive repeat purchases. But as consumer interest in healthier ingredients, veganism, reduced sugar, and clean label products continuously grows, so does the desire for healthier alternatives.

Zeelandia's search for delivering healthier options for pastry.

At Zeelandia, we are committed to helping bakeries overcome these challenges without compromising on taste or texture. Our support goes beyond supplying ingredients; we provide a partnership that considers compliance with health claims and the practical impact of ingredients on the baking process. Our expertise ensures that the sensory quality of products is enhanced, making them more appealing and marketable. By incorporating our innovative solutions, bakeries can not only meet regulatory standards but also increase their sales and margins with products that reflect the values of modern consumers.

By combining our deep market insights with bakery science, we offer our customers not just ingredients but a competitive advantage. Together, we are setting new industry standards, ensuring that nutrients, health, sustainability, and indulgence coexist in every product we help create.

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