The 5 elements of influence to perfect balance.

Every baker wants to have perfectly released products, it not only sells better, but it also prevents you from food waste. For obtaining the best result, you need to find a balance between all the elements. 

1. The influence of production process.

Using a release agent can improve your production process, but it is also important to consider some factors of your baking process when choosing the right one.  Our Carlo release agents consist of an emulsion, a mixture of water and oil. When freezing is involved in your process, the presence of water might be an issue. Replacing Carlo by Carlex is then the solution.

Influence of production process.

Carlex release agent for pastry


2. The influence of baking material.

The bakeware you use has a significant impact on which release agent you choose. It depends on whether you are using a coated or uncoated, perforated or not, tray or tin. The type of material of your bakeware also matters, aluminium,  blue steel, silicon. 



spraying equipment for release agents


3. The influence of application process.

Zeelandia provides you the total solution thanks to our partnership with Bakon, together we are bazz. The combination of bazz spraying equipment and Zeelandia release agents help you achieve perfect results.


4. The influence of quantity of release agents.

Everyone will understand that using a too little amount of release agent will cause an issue. But did you know that an overdosage of release agent is also not desirable? The quantity of release agent can indeed have an impact on the appearance of the end product, making it look too clear or too brown.

Influence of release agent quantity.


5. The influence of recipe.

When selecting a release agent, it is crucial to consider the recipe of your baked goods. The more sugar the recipe contains, the stickier the batter is and therefore the more release power is needed. With our Carlex portfolio, we offer you a range of release agents for all applications from sponge cake to cupcake going through muffins and pound cake. 

Influence of bread recipe.

Influence of pastry recipe.

released bread


Lubricants & Release agents for bread
pound cake mix


Release agents for pastry

Our lubricants and release agents.

CARLEX. Release agents.

CARLEX depanning oils are specifically formulated to provide a thin, uniform coating that prevents baked goods from sticking to baking surfaces. CARLEX can be used in many baking applications, such as bread, pastry, and cake production.

CARLO. Release agents.

CARLO is a perfect solution to improve your bakery plant's production efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize waste. It offers a wide range of benefits, including improved product quality and reduced environmental impact. 

OVAM. Dividing and slicing oils.

OVAM is a lubricant specifically designed for use in dough dividing and slicing machines. It is made of vegetable oils, making it safe for use in food production environments.



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