As an industrial baker, you know that crafting the perfect bread requires more than just flour, water, and yeast – it requires a harmonious blend of expertise, innovation and lubricant and release agents. At Zeelandia, we know that the most important products you use in your baking process are dividing and slicing oils and release agents, and we are a leading provider of these products.

Release agents for bakery plants
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The balance between recipe and process.

At Zeelandia, we have spent over a century perfecting the art of baking. We understand the process from A to Z, and we know what it takes to release beautifully shaped breads with a nice brown golden crust. We are here to help you optimise your production process, to reduce waste and bake bread that your consumers will love

With our deep understanding of the baking process, we can help you achieve the perfect loaf every time. Discover our magic circle and together we will find the perfect balance between your recipe and your production process.

Explore our magic circle

Our lubricants and release agents.

CARLEX. Release agents.

CARLEX depanning oils are specifically formulated to provide a thin, uniform coating that prevents baked goods from sticking to baking surfaces. CARLEX can be used in many baking applications, such as bread, pastry, and cake production.

CARLO. Release agents.

CARLO is a perfect solution to improve your bakery plant's production efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize waste. It offers a wide range of benefits, including improved product quality and reduced environmental impact. 

OVAM. Dividing and slicing oils.

OVAM is a lubricant specifically designed for use in dough dividing and slicing machines. It is made of vegetable oils, making it safe for use in food production environments.

Release agent assistant

Our release agents assistant.

When it comes to baking bread, choosing the right release agent is crucial. Factors such as whether you're using an uncoated or coated tray or tin, as well as the amount of sugar in your recipe, all play a role in determining what release agent will work best for you. But don't worry, our assistant is here to make this decision a easy! 

Simply reach out to us and we'll help you determine the perfect release agent for your recipe and baking process. With our guidance, you can rest assured that each bread will come out perfectly every time. Let's work together to achieve the most optimal bread baking results.




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