Modern-day consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and seeking out food products that offer functional benefits. This has resulted in growing demand for fermented and sourdough bakery products which are perceived to have digestive and immune system benefits. In this article, we will explore the market trends and growth opportunities in the sourdough market and how Zeelandia is meeting the demands of consumers and the industrial market with our sourdough technology.

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Today consumers show a greater interested in food product associated with boosting health. 52% of global consumers state that they are aware of what fermented food and drink are. Of those global consumers, 50% say them seek out fermented products with the main aim of improving digestive health and immunity. Furthermore, consumers worldwide seek bakery products that offer functional benefits and suit their specific dietary needs and preferences.  

In the bakery sector, the application of sourdough products is likely to constitute a healthier alternative to those made using regular dough. Moreover, the appeal of natural and probiotic claims continues to grow, especially across sourdough bread products. These factors are driving the market demand for sourdough products. The rise in the development of industrial bakery applications, such as bread and buns, and their growing popularity due to their flavour are further factors that are estimated to spur the continued growth of the sourdough market.


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The sourdough market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.13% during the forecast period (2023-2028). Thus, there is an opportunity for bakery products that can be positioned around helping to improve the digestive and immune systems, whilst also being tasty.

At Zeelandia, we have been developing our sourdough technology to meet perceptions of value amongst consumers and the demand of the industrial market. Would you like to read our full report about the trends and future of the sourdough and fermented market? Our local sales team would be delighted to share it with you.

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Flavour and enjoyment are just two of the primary reasons why consumers regularly elect to purchase bakery goods. It is important to put flavour and sensory appeal at the forefront of positioning across all product categories when launching bakery products.

Growing spendings on health and wellness.

Consumers continue to prioritise their health and well-being with 61% of global consumers intending to increase their spending to support their health. 

Market trends in healthier alternatives

In the bakery sector, features like flavour and texture constitute crucial factors which drive repeat purchases. But as consumer interest in healthier ingredients, veganism, reduced sugar, and clean label products continuously grows, so does the desire for healthier alternatives.

Better-for-you bread market insights

As consumers take an increasingly proactive approach to wellness and focus on prevention over cure, there is a growing interest in better-for-you products with a positive impact on health. Bakery brands promoting the use of ingredients that are guilt-free yet indulging reduce price sensitivity amongst consumers.

Impact of CSR on consumption of baked goods

As the world becomes even more aware of our environmental impact, companies increasingly feel the need to take responsibility for their actions. This is especially true for the baking industry where consumers are interested in the origin and production of their food. Believe it or not, 72% of consumers want companies to do more to reduce their environmental footprint.



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