For every industrial bakery, creating delicious and indulgent pastry and viennoiserie products is key to success. Our water-based fillings are perfect for enhancing your product range as they are low or without added fat, making them a healthier alternative to traditional fillings. 

Our ready-to-use cream fillings have low-fat content (normally <6%), medium viscosity and water as the main ingredient (25-50%). They are ideal for pastries with short, medium and long shelf lives and perfect for injection before or after baking in the oven. What’s more, our fillings are also suitable for fast decoration with firm consistency and long shelf life at ambient temperatures.

Bread improvers in dough

The benefits of our ready-to-use cream fillings

  1. Infinitely adaptable for consumer needs like colour, flavour and consistency. But also for healthier alternatives since they're low in fat.

  2. Excellent bake- and freeze-thaw stable for consistent results and ready-to-use before or after baking.

  3. Suitable for industrial applications of any production scale with packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you require buckets, drums, containers, octabins or contitanks.

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How do our ready-to-use cream fillings benefit your recipes

Our water-based fillings are perfect for enhancing your product range with healthier alternatives, featuring low (or no) added fat for better nutrition. They also offer excellent bake- and freeze-thaw stability, ensuring consistent results in every batch. What sets them apart is their infinite adaptability, allowing you to customize colour, flavour, and consistency to meet your specific needs. Moreover, our water-based fillings align with new legislation by excluding titanium dioxide, providing both regulatory compliance and consumer satisfaction.


How to integrate our ready-to-use cream fillings into your process

With our expertise across ingredients and production processes, we offer a range of convenient and flexible solutions. Our fillings are ready-to-use before or after baking, ensuring ease of use and adaptability. They also boast excellent stability throughout the product's shelf life, minimizing waste and enhancing efficiency. Suitable for industrial applications of any production scale, our offerings come with packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you require buckets, drums, containers, octabins, or contitanks.  


Which legislation & claims apply to our ready-to-use cream fillings

Our products comply with all relevant European legislation. Furthermore, our commitment to food safety and quality is evident in our FSSC 22000 certification for one of our production facilities in Spain, Europe, it is new and innovative, and specialised in ready-to-use cream fillings. We utilize quality control equipment and analyse key parameters such as pH, aW, and °Brix to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. We can also provide products, ingredients, or support for claims like vegan, sugar-reduced, halal, UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and chocolate and RSPO certified sustainable palm. Our local sales team is happy to provide more information about our compliance and claims with local legislation.  

Our expertise on pastry.

Vegan and plant-based

For Europe’s industrial bakeries, understanding and embracing vegan trends is not just a matter of keeping up with evolving consumer desires, it represents an opportunity for growth and differentiation in a highly competitive market.

Sugar reduction

Pursuing excellence goes hand in hand with adapting to changing market dynamics. Consumer preferences towards more health-conscious lifestyles are driving innovation in sugar reduced products and technologies. 

Our in-house Sensory Panel.

Behind the scenes at Zeelandia, a silent but powerful force propels our journey toward excellence – our in-house sensory panel. Keep reading to learn more about how Zeelandia's sensory panel can benefit your business!

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